Best Windows 10 Pro laptops of 2022: top notebooks for productivity (2022)

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The best Windows 10 Pro laptops to enhance your productivity








Best Windows 10 Pro laptops of 2022: top notebooks for productivity (1)

If you’ve been searching for the best Windows 10 Pro laptops on the market, it can be tough to figure out what to go with. But, you’re in luck. This guide will help you find excellent notebooks that come pre-installed with the more robust version of Windows 10, allowing you to have more control over the OS as well as more tools.

Most users will be fine using Windows 10 Home, which comes stock on a lot of the best laptops, but people who use their portables for their business and power users will want the advanced features and control that comes with Windows 10 Pro.

To help you, we’ve gathered our top choices of Windows 10 Pro laptops here, so you won’t have to deal with the limitations of the Home edition of the OS or having to upgrade as soon as you have your new device.

These laptops come with the latest boundary-pushing technology and design as well as powerful internals, not to mention an OS that lets you reap the benefits of that top-end hardware.

So, read on to find out what our picks are for the best Windows 10 Pro laptops, and our very own price comparison tool will scour the internet for you and bring you the cheapest prices as well.

We've tested and compared these laptops to determine what they offer best. We looked at all their technical specs, like RAM, CPU, GPU, and battery life, and evaluated the overall quality of their design. We also considered their connectivity, portability, and pricing, among other things.

Also, check out our reviews of the best thunderbolt laptops and the best business keyboards.

The best Windows 10 Pro laptops of 2022 in full

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Best Windows 10 Pro laptops of 2022: top notebooks for productivity (2)

1. HP Elite Dragonfly

Best Windows 10 Pro laptop for the traveling professional


CPU: 8th-generation Intel Core i5 – i7

Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620

RAM: 8GB - 16GB

Screen: 13.3" diagonal Full HD touch display – Full HD touch Sure View display

Storage: 256 GB SSD

Reasons to buy


Impeccable design


Excellent battery life

Reasons to avoid


Pretty expensive

The HP Elite Dragonfly is our pick for the best Windows 10 Pro laptop thanks to its combination of portability and power. It’s also one of the most beautiful business laptops we've tested in a long time, touting a thin and light design – complete with incredible speakers, a sublime keyboard, and the optional 550 nits 4K display – that’s absolutely hard to contend with.

This hybrid gets our coveted five-star rating, which already says a lot as we don’t give that out lightly. And, did we mention it also boasts an excellent battery life, which gets you a long way when working on the go?

But a feature that might appeal to traveling professionals is the LTE integration that'll allow users to enjoy hassle-free internet connectivity wherever they are.

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Best Windows 10 Pro laptops of 2022: top notebooks for productivity (3)

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2. Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon

The best all-round Windows 10 Pro laptop


CPU: Intel Core i7-7600U vPro

Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 620


Screen: 14-inch, 2560 x 1440 pixels

Storage: 1TB SSD

Reasons to buy


Smaller and lighter in every way to previous versions


Improved Microsoft Precision Touchpad

Reasons to avoid



Lenovo's range of ThinkPad laptops are some of the very best business laptops ever made – not to mention, one of the best Lenovo laptops to consider if you want business grade capabilities, and with Windows 10 Pro installed, the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon is our pick for the best all-round Windows 10 Pro laptop money can buy.

It comes in a slim and stylish design, yet packs a lot of power into its svelte body, with a powerful Intel Core i7-7600U vPro processor, 16GB of RAM, and a battery life of up to 15.5 hours. Despite its sleek build, it has lots of ports: 2 x USB Type-C, 2 x USB Type-A, 1 x HDMI 2.0, 3.5mm combi jack, and a Kensington lock.

If you're looking for an absolute workhorse of a Windows 10 Pro laptop, then this is a fantastic choice.

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Best Windows 10 Pro laptops of 2022: top notebooks for productivity (4)

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3. Acer ConceptD 7

The best Windows 10 Pro laptop for creatives


CPU: 9th-generation Intel Core i7

Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 – 2080

RAM: 16GB – 32GB

Screen: 15.6" 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) 16:9 IPS

Storage: 1TB

Reasons to buy


Very powerful


Cheaper than MacBook Pro


Good selection of ports

Reasons to avoid




Plain design


Not as thin and light as MacBook Pro

This formidable Windows 10 Pro laptop is capable of handling complex and demanding tasks such as 3D rendering, thanks in part to its Nvidia RTX graphics, and was designed specifically with creative professionals in mind.

Beyond that sheer power it delivers, it also offers decent port selection, a minimalist solid white design, and that stunning Pantone-validated 4K IPS display. Worried about the white design getting dull and yellow-ish over time? The laptop has a stain-resistant coating that'll protect it from yellowing and marking from dirt, ink, and coffee.

The Acer ConceptD 7 is a versatile device in terms of connectivity. It has 1 x Thunderbolt 3 USB Type-C, 3 x USB 3.1, 1 x HDMI 2.0, 1 x mini DisplayPort 1.4, and an Ethernet port for wired networking.

Obviously, it’s still pretty pricey, but if you’re looking for a Windows-powered MacBook alternative for video and photo editing, it’s a great option.

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Best Windows 10 Pro laptops of 2022: top notebooks for productivity (5)

4. Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 (2019)

Versatile Windows 10 Pro laptop that's sleek and powerful


CPU: 10th-generation Intel Core i3 – i7

Graphics: Intel UHD – Iris Plus Graphics

RAM: 4GB – 16GB

Screen: 13.4" FHD+ (1920 x 1200) InfinityEdge Non-Touch Anti-Glare – 13.4" UHD+ (3840 x 2400) InfinityEdge Touch Anti-Reflecitve

Storage: 256GB – 512GB SSD

Reasons to buy


Stunning, extremely portable design


Great performance


Gorgeous, responsive screen

Reasons to avoid


Battery life is just ok


Only decent sound


Lid hard to open

You’ll be hard-pressed to find fault in the Dell XPS 13 2-in-1 (2019). Design-wise, not only is it incredibly compact and lightweight, but it also boasts that gorgeous responsive display, stunning woven design, and an easy-to-use keyboard. But, it’s more than just looks.

It’s pretty impressive as well when it comes to performance, thanks to its 10th-generation Intel Core processors and Intel Iris Plus graphics. The display is made of Corning Gorilla Glass 5, so the touchscreen will feel incredible beneath your fingertips. Its bezels are exceptionally thin too, which not only gives you more screen real estate but also gives the laptop a stunning minimalist look.

You can get this brilliant 2-in-1 with Windows 10 Pro installed, which means it's earned its place in this list.

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Best Windows 10 Pro laptops of 2022: top notebooks for productivity (6)

5. Dell Latitude 7490

A powerful Windows 10 Pro laptop from Dell


CPU: 8th-generation Intel Core i3 – i7

Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 620

RAM: 4GB – 16GB

Storage: 128GB SSD – 512GB SSD

Reasons to buy


Reasonable price


Excellent performance


Great battery life

Reasons to avoid


Dell proprietary PSU

Dell is a well-respected brand when it comes to making dependable, no-nonsense business laptops that run Windows 10 Pro, and the Dell Latitude 7490 is a great example of that. It features some of Intel's latest processors, along with a decent amount of RAM and integrated graphics.

A choice of SSDs (Solid State Drives) means Windows 10 Pro and all your applications load up quickly and perform brilliantly. Battery life is also impressively long as well. The connectivity ports include 3 x USB 3.1 (Gen 1) Type-A, 1 x Thunderbolt 3 USB Type-C, Smart Card slot, microSD card, RJ-45 Ethernet port, and SIM card receptacles.

All of the laptop's ports are on the sides, and since the vents are underneath, you'll want to avoid placing the device on soft surfaces.

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How to choose the best Windows 10 Pro laptops for you?

When choosing the best Windows 10 Pro laptops for yourself, start by evaluating what kind of tasks you need the laptop for and the features that are essential for you.

Based on your requirements, you'll want to narrow down the laptop's specs, like the CPU, RAM, GPU, storage, and screen size. If you're going to use the laptop for gaming or heavy graphical editing, then it's best to opt for a powerful one with a large screen and competent graphics card and CPU.

Look out for the laptop's connectivity options. Sleeker and lighter ultrabooks often lack plenty of ports but offer great portability.

If you're mostly on the road and primarily need the laptop for general business work, then a lightweight and thin 13-inch model should serve you well.

Also, look out for the keyboard's quality, battery life, speaker performance, webcam, and overall design.

The best Windows 10 Pro laptops: How we test

We've tested and compared the best Windows 10 Pro laptops on numerous points, from their CPU and graphics to their size and connectivity options.

We evaluated their overall performance, how well they ran different apps, their battery life, and the size and quality of the screen. We examined the weight and sleekness of the laptops, along with their overall design and durability. If they had features that made them travel-friendly, we made sure to mention that.

We tested the keyboards, trackpads, webcams, and speaker performance and also checked whether they included LTE integration, among other aspects.

Best Windows 10 Pro laptops of 2022: top notebooks for productivity (7)

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